Move on or Hold on

Moving on for something that you hold on are so really hard to do.

“How can I move on when Im still inlove with you?”

there’s always a question How can I? Why should I ? Should I stay? or should I leave?

Moving on is a process you need to get drunk for you to forgot those things that hurt you so much trying to forget those memories you cherish well.

You need to cry more and more cry out loud to get out the hurts that you feel inside.

What if I dont want to move on and choose to hold on ?

what if I hold on because I know it is worth it …..because you are worth it

I want to fight for our relationship to stay longer to prove that there’s a forever an everlasting love that no one can break us.

But what if.

Holding on can hurt you why?because your the one who fight for this your the one that wanted it. even she/he dont want to continue this. your the one still believing that it will last forever even if its not.

What if its worth it to hold on?

what if moving on can help you to feel better? you still want to hold on?

So should I move on? Or should I hold on?