ROOTS: It Was Never About Slavery
Bedford Palmer

Thank you for a wonderful article. I remember watching the TV series several times as a young child. As one of the few Indians at that time living in TX, I could totally relate to the “other” feeling. Also coming from a heritage that was ruled by the Moguls for some 500 years and then by the British Raj for another 200 or so, the story was something I could relate to. The difference was that blacks were taken from their home and brought to another land while the Indians were taken hostage in their own country. Either way, it was another country/people taking what wasn’t theirs to take. I remember being so moved by the series. I have not watched the remake of the series because my memory of the original series is so powerful and I have such positive thoughts of it and I’m afraid the new one won’t live up to it. But, I had not considered reading the book but after your post I think I might!

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