A List Of All The Ridiculous Things I’ve Done Because I Embrace Humaning With Other Humans

I was a type A lawyer that liked to plan my day down to the minute. I had a calendar on my phone, a daily email schedule alert, and an extensive list of iPhone reminders that buzzed at me throughout my work week.

Then, I decided to chuck my career to travel full-time and since that moment, I’ve become someone new.

I used to be risk-averse and scared to do anything for fear of how it would impact my future. Now, I have no idea where my day will take me when I wake up in the morning, and I couldn’t love it more.

I’ve not only learned to give up the fear of what’s coming, I’ve learned to truly say yes. And I’ve realized over the past few months that most of us don’t say yes enough.

In the interest of underlining how important I think it is to say yes to life, for fuck’s sake, I’ve decided to share some of the non-social media appropriate moments I’ve had in my travels thus far.

Yes, it’s ridiculous to share some of these things. It may get me banned from any job I want ever again.

It’s also fucking important because we truly don’t live our lives enough: we just let life happen to us.

So here are some of the situations I’ve found myself in over the past two and a half months, all because I chose to say yes (names and cities have been withheld to protect the…well, not exactly innocent…to protect the friendships I’ve made that I’d like to keep!):

1. Building a pillow fort while wearing adult onesies with an airBNB host (now friend) that I had only met four weeks prior.

2. Walking around high, after smoking out of a bong for the first time, with a boy nine years my junior in a city I’d never been to.

3. Having dinner with a super cool vegan chick, that I now text all the time about life, when I thought I’d spend the weekend alone.

4. Driving to a cool little hippie town in the northwest because someone I’d met in another city invited me to visit.

5. Leaving a swingers’ club, stone-cold sober with no new sexual experiences to speak of, laughing my ass off at the ridiculousness of the situation with someone that will probably be one of my best friends for life.

6. Struggling to hike up a mountain, which I’ve never done, because someone told me it was an “iconic” hike that I couldn’t miss.

7. Drunk in the backyard of a house with a bestie it turned out I was falling for because he wanted to grab some beers and unwind after a hard day and I just wanted to spend time with him.

8. Touring the back of the house at a vegan restaurant in a city I had never been to because the owner started a conversation with me about what it was like to grow up as an Indian in America.

9. Meeting someone for drinks after friending them on Facebook because they read a political blog post I wrote and agreed with some of the things I said. Now, that person is an awesome friend that I love to text.

10. Having a ginger ale with a sweet bartender that thought I looked a little lost wandering around a famous street in a southern city, because I was lost and needed the companionship right at that moment.

11. Seeing a play at an outdoor venue with a cool artist and her husband, because, well, they invited me.

12. Getting my eyebrows done at a random strip mall because I had a Bumble date and thought I looked like a gorilla. $12 and two too-thin eyebrows later, crying my eyes out over it, and realizing what a first-world problem it was, over tea alone at Starbucks.

13. Listening to a psychic tell me I would meet my future soulmate in a place that began with a ‘P’ because I accompanied some people to a fair.

14. Texting an old friend from before I was even a teenager because we reconnected on Facebook and found out that we get along really well as grownups.

15. Traveling, in a panic-induced, hyper-alert state, through mountainous states with precarious roads because there was a hipster city I absolutely had to see.

16. Reconnecting with a high school, then college, friend whom I adore because of my travels and my new writing career, and because she’s an amazing writer herself and just found a great love.

17. FaceTiming with a bestie from home, laughing hysterically over the “Las Vegas penis revue,” as I called it in my head because she’s an amazing person I never want to lose contact with.

18. Wearing a really slutty dress to a romantic Italian dinner at midnight, because, well, we had to eat.

19. Making friends with the guy that was fixing my tire early on in my trip, because he used a stereotypical lame pick-up line on me and somehow, I couldn’t help but be charmed.

20. Realizing sometimes a crush is just a crush, despite that it actually crushed me, and looking forward to the next one.

So maybe I’m more ridiculous than most because I say yes to too many things.

Or maybe, we could all use a little more ridiculousness in our lives.

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