My Andela Boot Camp Experience: Day 4

At this point in the boot camp, I am glad about what I have achieved and learned so far knowing I can only get better. I have learnt so much in a short while than I probably have in my life. I am getting a feel of how the actual fellowship program will be like; it will shape any interested and committed developer into a world class one. Coding is not just enough to make one a better programmer; a lot is required of a person and there are areas which I am making an effort to improve on.

It’s day four and I have slowly realized that learning and working smart is as important as learning and working hard. Have you ever wondered why it seems some people invest half the amount of time and effort into something, yet still get better or even more outstanding results than people who put seem to put in their all. There will be no progress if you are going about a problem the wrong way no matter how hard you try. So why not save yourself the stress and work in the right direction- the smart direction;

  • Build an understanding; it will stick with you for assignments and for life. Focus on actually using the information you have to build something.
  • Be consistent, let your commitment game be strong!
  • Learn from others, you will leverage on what they have already proved works and would not have to make the same mistakes they made.

Some of the challenges I face is working withing the time constraint for a task to be completed and not performing well under pressure. But with the growth mindset in my pocket and unlimited resources being made available, overcoming them does not seem that far off the horizon.

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