Three Interesting Colleagues I have met This Boot Camp

It’s day three of the boot camp and I must say I am being pushed out of my comfort zone, not having much experience to technical gatherings such as this but I have been able to meet some cool people so far and it is good to be among great and like minds. This boot camp Is a large class and I have not been able to interact with a lot of people but I have met some interesting people from my team which consists of all guys, under the mentor-ship of the our very helpful learning facilitator Inumidun Amao.

For the sake of this post I will just be talking about three of the interesting people I have met, excluding Inumidun who admits to being a gamer which is pretty cool and he actually looks like a tech/gamer geek.

One of the people I have met is Ayodeji Moronkeji, who has can sing, he loves to read, eat, and think. He is prone to some misunderstanding and mixups as his surname sounds a bit like a girls name and he is every bit as gentle as he looks. He applied to Andela with the hopes of achieving much needed growth even though he has had some previous technical exposure(he graduated from FUTA with a Computer Science degree),which is the reason most of us are here.

Coincidentally I met the other two people at the Andela Interview, we were on the same panel and It was nice to see a friendly face on the first day and even more so because they were in my team. Isioye Mohammed who goes by ‘M’ is a soft spoken guy that has a few card tricks up his sleeve(hope to actually see some soon), he seems to be reserved but is always willing to help.

Shuaib Oladigbolu, is much of a talker but we have connected a bit at the boot camp, he has had some prior experience in programming with python so it has been a bit of a challenge to switch to JavaScript but he is talking it great stride. He has great dreams to be a world class developer

Overall, the boot camp Is filled with a lot of interesting people, some I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet. This I know because even on the first day we had a couple of people providing comic relief, It has been nice hearing other people’s views and ideas and getting to learn their ways of approaching challenges.

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