How much do you need?

Not much…. Then what are we heading for and why? Now, since my friend bought a diamond set, I too want one. But didn’t you say the last week that you would not buy more jewellery, since you had enough?

What? just to show off, otherwise you might look less beautiful than your friend. But, my dear even after wearing this new diamond necklace, are you happy? Because, happiness doesn’t come by wearing the new jewellery or an expensive dress or by driving in big extraordinary chauffeur driven cars, it lies within you. Only when you are contented, you will be happy and feel truly joyful.

I don’t say, you shouldn’t aspire to progress in life and set big goals in life! Whatever you do, do it honestly and don’t forget your value system

Earn money, be very rich! Very good😀

But whatever you earn, don’t forget your social responsibility. You owe to the society also. Donate a part of your earnings for the needy and the downtrodden. It will truly make you joyful.