A Black Girl : Thence

Life is very strange. But is it always or all people?

Joyeeta born in a middle class family in the village. Colour black ,with a little bit of malnutrition. An adverse reaction after the birth of the people of the village. Hey ,it’s a black girl. How to be married? May be to sell her father’s homestead.

When they heard the mother’s tears Joyeeta delete it . Thus continues, it is the day . Joyeeta have grown up ,going to school. Multi talented student. She is a gentle ,polite ,quiet and shy girl. By the end of the school she admitted a college. Start here fighting for his life , because his father had retired from service. One day she was sitting absently. Her mother said - What’s happening? Joyeeta said nothing, But I can’t fell well my black skin. Her mother said — don’t worry baby . God bless you.

After some days suddenly she heard parents talking about her marriage. She was very thrilled inside. But the thrill, the feeling, the joy did not last long. Because everyone would hate him as black .Thus , after a few days of his life came a boy who love him more than life . Joyeeta was a moment forgot about her black skin . I think she found her happiness in the world quickly and easily. But alas, she left after seven months later, because she is black. In this case, she was much ,depressed. It seems as though the sky fell down. She was still silent. Thus , almost a year had passed . Then an unknown stranger who wants to come . But fear Joyeeta. Because she is black .Somebody dose not like. Everyone is ignorant his black skin.

After someday, Joyeeta understood that the boy has changed. But do not say anything. One day, the boy suddenly said to her physical relationship. Joyeeta was shocked and surprised.

After two consecutive, Joyeeta almost fell down .Because black is so despised? No, I’ll never give up. I bowled brilliantly to turn ,Joyeeta says.

Joyeeta slowly with time returned to normal. Professional life , honour, everything, but she did not marry. After four years of her life ,a new beginning. She was best chosen because of its work in the country, which stands at least not any black colour.

Finally, Joyeeta is not just a name ,she is a department, an inspiration to all black women.

Note : it’s a real story.