A person can find a peace, can find a freedom within a can be possible they can find their most precious moment, maybe comfortable with them more then family. It can be called ‘HOME’ they can find to other one particular person. You can’t be named it love or boyfriend or girlfriend. No it can’t be named by this lame words.

FRIEND can be a word to recall it .. But some people also don’t want to named it as friend. That person, that one particular person can change your life, can make u feel happy or maybe I can say feel like home or helps to find you peace .. Or maybe you can say helps to find you peace, which can’t be possible by you to find it for yourself.

see !! isn’t it shocking that we can’t give this relation a name, a simple damn name….. you can’t … simply ‘you can’t’……

because you are afraid to give it a name. You are afraid to give it a damn name. because you are fed up with those relations with particular name. You face those. And you know which reason can make those relationship worst. and you will hurt though. But nobody cares. And you are simply fully depended to that relation.

Sometimes there is something happened that questioning you that are you know that person that deeply, because you told everything about yourself, and that person know you better then yourself. That trust started to questioning you how close you both are. It’s not like you are confused that is that person real or fake. No, not at all. You trust that person, and you know that person is always there for you and will be and you can’t even think apart from that person. Sometimes situation got worse, so we just have to fight with the situation. And finally when the all ‘ganjams’ over it feels like wow. That’s the trust you know. That’s the understanding between both which pop up in the right time.

Here we talking about that relation which we can’t give a particular name. Just because we are afraid of reality, cause reality sucks. Apart from that , for the concern of our overthinking mind we called them our “BEST FRIEND”. Not a regular friend . That friend that you choose for you, and you feel lucky that you choose them. You smile for them, you cry for them. Even you can hide your tears for them.

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Wabbit ❤

Wabbit ❤

Living vicariously through myself