Posted 4th of August 2015 at Pasig, Metro Manila, PH —

I finally got around to finishing Dracula today. The ending was exceedingly unspectacular as expected. I’m simply relieved to be done with Van Helsing’s endless yapping tbh. All in all a wholly unrealistic but fun adventure whose aftertaste is made quintessentially better through images from Penny Dreadful.

In the spirit if celebrating the little things, I bring you another miracle of today: Yours truly got off of her ass and actually climbed down the insane flight of stairs and back up again to resupply on healthy groceries. The result, spicy pork sinigang! Wee! The *gabi* was no use, I’m disappointed. Gabi are like potatoes only they’re fair and hairy. They had those pinkish fungi things that clung to the fleshies which look bloody disgusting when boiled. Though with all the browns and blushing whites they sort of looked pretty before I tossed them in the pot. T only eats the string beans so I’m left to consume most of the green leafy ingredients. Yay! More kangkong for me. :>

I think I’ll try and get serious about uploading new artwork on instagram. There are some lines fresh for inking later. Might help Tatami on the way, too. Sad news for the lab, such name already exists and we’ve no choice but to whip up a new one. Mochi Anka could work. Or something cute and simple like Zombiecunt. or Fikle without the c. Nope. That’s no good. What about ASH? or Rash. Lash. Lash Out. Shout. Gout. There’s a brand called ACNE, ffs. Why not Bread. or Butter. Hehe. Butt. Only better. I’m so punny. Hunny. Hunny’s good. Then it can finally make sense to use a bee for the logo which I like.

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