Flourishing Human Hair Extensions Industry and Their Care

Vietnam has a very big industry of Human Hair Extensions which has changed the life and growth prospects of the Vietnamese population. The lucrative business of hair extensions has given way to immense business opportunity with large volume of export happening throughout the year.

Human Hair Extension

The Vietnamese local women folks are happily selling their hair not just for the sake of income, but it is the hot weather and the time and effort it takes to wash and maintain them which of utmost significance to them. It is for this reason that irrespective of their age, women of all age groups are happy to have their hair cut and sold. Because of the mountain weather, the hairs received from this region are of good quality and fine texture.

Since it is difficult to have sufficient quantity of same hair type to create a hair extension, they are processed to achieve uniformity. Thus one should take care of these human hair extensions by using a mild shampoo and a light conditioner. It is preferred to pick products which are sulfate and alcohol free to keep hair from drying out and frizzling. The use of conditioner helps in reducing the tangling.

With the hair extension industry flourishing leaps and bounds, it is also important to take care of hygiene while using them.