Cable Connection vs Fiber Connection

In this era of science and technology, nothing is possible without internet. There are a number of ways for using internet home and abroad. Some people like to use mobile data or Wi-Fi, some people may like cable connection or fiber connection. We see a lot of questions regarding these variations. Let us have a look at the differences between cable network and fiber network.

Cable connection is an easy way of using broadband internet. It carries high speed internet for both personal work and official purposes. It is usually distributed by a local telephone operator. Moreover, it is easily accessible and totally flawless. Though the speed depends on various aspects (ex: location, price etc.), but there are some limitations of cable connection. The download speed of a cable connection usually lies between 20–100 Mbps. Many cable network providers serve budget friendly packages for a target market like entrepreneurs, small businesses etc.

Till now, we have seen the positive aspects of cable connection. But it is not fair to know the positives only. The main problem of a cable network is if you share your cable based network with others, then the speed will be divided equally. As an example, if you have a line of 100Mbps and you share it with 5 persons, then everyone will get 20Mbps. Thus, your internet becomes slower.

Now if we look at the procedure, we see that cable internet uses the same technology of a television. The cable’s inner part is made of copper foil and the outer side is made of plastic. You need a modem in your house to use the received data. Coax cable can be used to provide both the internet connection and the television access but it requires huge bandwidth.

On the other hand, fiber or fiber optic is made of thin, clear and transparent glass to flow light within. It can transport huge amount of data to a long range in short time. It is severely used in telecommunication. But the problem is installing a fiber optic connection is a complex process. It is used in enterprise and big businesses only. Besides, most of the largest data centers of the world use fiber optic.

Now the difficult part is to choose a side between them. It is known that fiber optic is way faster than cable network. You can get a speed up to 1Gbps in fiber optic whereas cable network can serve a speed up to 200 Mbps only. Then, fiber connection is very powerful system and situations like bad weather cannot create any problem. On the contrary, you can enjoy a lot of HD channels in cable connection. Unlike fiber connection, cable connection is not limited to large cities only.

When your priority is getting the fastest speed and paying the lowest price, then nothing can beat s9 xfinity internet. They can serve a download speed up to 150 Mbps and you can access half a million Wi-Fi hotspots across the world. Finally, I have shown the differences but the choice is completely up to you.