The Advent of Mobile Gaming and Where It’s Headed

If you look at it, history books are filled with descriptions of games that people have been playing since time immemorial.

A few of them vanished into oblivion with the passage of time, and a few made their mark in modern history.

If you look at it, both games and storytelling are among the most primitive forms of entertainment, we, as humans, have had access to.

From the age-old game of hide and seek to the more technical Mahjong, Sudoku or Rummy; they have been a part of our day to day to lives since the time kings used to rule over vast swaths of land and the sea.

However, with the passage of time and new concepts such as movies, theme parks and other entertainment hubs coming into existence; games have gone through a radical makeover in the last decade.

Games that were once part of social gatherings leaped and ended up on screens across the world, with players cutting across geographies playing against each other.

Gaming- A Brief History

Image Source: Fastcompany

Man’s first encounter with digital gaming started way back in the 1950’s, when, for the first time, scientists began exploring simulations.

However, it wasn’t until the 1970’s, when the first arcade games were introduced to the world.

However, it was not until the 80’s that digital games started gaining popularity and people began accepting it as a new source of entertainment.

Moreover, today, the gaming industry is directly pitted against Hollywood as its most potent rival.

What’s it’s Like Today?

Image Source: GeekySweetie

The overall digital gaming market is set to hit the $115.8 billion mark this year. Even though, it’s at best an estimate.

Still, it’s good enough to give an idea about the scope of the industry today.

Thanks to smartphones, a much higher number of people are playing games than anyone could have imagined as early as 10 years back.

Already games such as temple run have made $1 million upon release, and other similar games are doing exceptionally well in the market.

It gives developers the much-needed boost to work on developing games which are not tough to play and doesn’t require much experience when it comes to playing.

It’s like a plug and play kind of a thing, where you jump in, and start playing, no matter what your level of gaming experience.

The Future- What It’s Like?

Image Source: TechStartups

It’s already being predicted by experts that the sector will see unprecedented growth in both player acquisition and revenue generation with estimates predicting an overall increase of 65% between 2014–2020.

Moreover, there are already an estimated 2.1 billion players worldwide, who spend an average of 23 mins each day playing games on their smartphones.

All we can say is that these are telltale signs that the future of mobile gaming is only going to get more exciting and will see millions of additional players becoming a part of the clan in years to come.

So, what do you think? What’s the future like? Let me know in the comments below!