Pumping at CES
Molly Dickens

Thanks for sharing Molly! I had a similar experience at CES this year. Horrible. The trip to get there became a little disaster as well, since my flights kept being either delayed or canceled, so I had to pump at different toilets at different airports and I even missed one of my flight because of it because my plane took off earlier than announced (with my suitcase that had some of my pump stuff 😔).

My next challenge is already around the corner: I’m going to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month: 90.000 people are attending, the venue is 240.000 (!) square meters, it’s the world largest conference in the mobile industry. I e-mailed them to ask for a mothers room where I could pump in between my meetings and I still can’t believe their answer:

“I am afraid there is no “mother’s room”. This event is thought for professionals and not even kids are allowed to go inside the venue.”

I was hoping their answer was lost in translation so I did a follow up. I’m still waiting for them to come back to me that I can -at least- make use of a family bathroom or a bathroom for disabled people, with a plug. They’ve got so much time to prepare and I know I won’t be the only one that’s why I am so frustrated by now. 240.000 sq meters and not 1 room where working new moms can pump? I saw this portable lactation suite at the airport in Oakland which could work perfect at events like CES or MWC. Hopefully they will arrange something, fingers crossed!