A brief introduction into the AnkerPlatform’s design and key features.

The Anker blockchain will be made public soon and addresses some key issues for decentralized finance. Learn about it and how to join the ecosystem.

Today we share the news of what can be expected when the AnkerChain launches, its features, what it solves, and where it fits into the current landscape.

AnkerPlatform as a DOA.

The AnkerChain’s decentralized infrastructure was created as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) or decentralized autonomous corporation (DAC) and the rules encoded onto the AnkerChain give node operators the ability to vote on strategic issues central to Anker as…

How digital identity, speed, proof of stake and ease of use can come together.

Due to the nature of Bitcoin and blockchain, it is evident that it allows users worldwide to partake in the global financial system and exchange based on the underlying trust that the network provides. Thus revolutionizing the way we use and interact with assets. Bitcoin for some time was seen as the “nerds money”, which is in a sense understandable given the nature of long string like addresses and the immutability of the network; which has had many traders in tears when sending Bitcoin into the…


Spreading adoption by creating a truly cashless environment. Eliminating the need for gatekeepers and centralized intermediaries.

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