Sharing is a revenue generation activity

“Sharing is caring” yeah, yeah, why do I care?… because when you share you create an emotional connection with the individual(s)you share with. There is something you know about them that triggered the sharing activity. You just said in your sharing action, “I just thought about you”. Subconsciously that is a deep and powerful connection between the two of you.

This does translate into dollars and cents; According to Linkedin, Salespeople who regularly share content are 45% more likely to exceed quota.

So how do I share without sending annoying “Checking in” emails, how do I elevate myself from the pack by sending something that would genuinely be of value to my prospect?

Your prospects have professional and personal interests, yet with their time constraints and the explosion of news content, they probably do not get to all the content they should be aware of. So how about curating content they may like and sharing it with them?

You stay top of mind and add value to their day. Tip, if you really want to make it powerful, read and curate the article, so they don’t have to even read it to get value. Try it out with sharing this article to your colleagues:)

I’m not just here to give you advice, talk is cheap. We just launched a free service to help you, Just paste the link you want to share, we’ll create a trackable image, when read, we will send you a read receipt.

If you want ideas of content to share, try, again, free. You can add topics that your prospects maybe interested in.

Happy Hunting !