Heuristic Evaluation

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This week, I was researching a couple of articles & thought about sharing my findings on Heuristic Evaluation with you.

Usability is everything.

How do we measure it?

Heuristic Evaluations help you measure usability of a design interface with its 10 checklist items.

Before discussing the checklist, let’s see how it’s conducted?

Understand & define app goals

Understand & define user journey goals

Conduct interviews & research inquiry

Conduct rough usability testing

Derive actionable insights from the conducted research

Apply principles from the Heuristic Evaluation checklist.

Heuristic Evaluation Checklist

System/App Visibility:

Users need to be aware of what’s happening in a system/app via prompt status information.

No silos in system & real-world:

Users must easily understand an application from their standpoint, which aligns them with the real world.

Control & freedom:

Suppose a user chooses certain functionality and wants to quit it. Then they should be given a clear exit path.


An app should follow industry norms.

Reducing Error Mishaps:

A system/app must flash warnings when user’s are about to take an error-prone route.

Less Recall more Recognition:

Users should not do guesswork to complete functionality. App functionality indicators should be simple & speak out to users with relevant information.


An app should be built by keeping experienced & inexperienced users in mind.


It is recommended for apps not to have rarely used information & clutter a design unnecessarily.


An app should provide necessary information to a user through Know-how guides, etc.

I hope that helps :) Planning to learn Usability testing & write the next article about it.

Anyway, take care & hope you liked it :)


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