A Train’s Journey

Feeling of adventure thrilled my heart;

as my journey began by the train’s start.

Together we commenced and moved on

I saw types of flora and faun.

Rivers and ponds passed by,

some were watery while some were dry.

When weather turned cloudy,

the fresh water got muddy.

Stones and sand covered the way,

but most parts were overlaid by clay.

Grasses and trees covered the ground

visible to me were all types of mound.

Sitting near the window, I enjoyed the breeze,

which brought aroma and my mind got pleased.

Birds in the sky, butterflies on the flower,

with every bit of beauty, nature showed its power.

As sunset rose above the night

stars shone while moon covered the sight.

Sounds of crickets whispered in ear,

those humming brought me a hell lot of cheer.

From scenery to darkness, my sight took a leap

as my eyes got heavy, I went to sleep.

My notion of adventure had completely derived,

as my eyes opened, my destination had arrived.