Sometimes lights are dark too

You know what makes us human beings? Kindness and love… When a person goes through a broken phase he/she seeks these feelings a lot, the phase makes him/her vulnerable. It’s when a small ray of light, no matter how tiny it is, attracts that person. It often tends to lure that person like bait.

Yeah, I agree that these lights are what a person needs most then but sometimes these lights may push him/her in further dark. A person never know what other person is thinking when they offer their help, he/she doesn’t know the intentions of those people.

Well, no one can determine that either, there is no exception. Everyone goes through a dark phase, at least once, in their life, and it’s when they found out that there is darkness in lights too.

“Fire is bright and fire is clean.” 
Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

Fire, no matter how bright or clean, gives a burn when comes too near, just like a beam of hope from a fake person.

Every person deserves a loving heart and a kind hand but not everyone who offers them, especially when they are going through rough phase, is their well-wisher. He/she may feel so at that time but it’s not their fault, its human nature; the susceptibility that blinds their senses.

Eventually, a person will find himself alone, more alone than before. Not because the person helping them left, but because they broke their trust. I am not saying not to trust anyone but when you do be sure he/she got your back always.

No matter what you offer this world, this world treats you according to their needs only. You are your own hope, just remember that always.