Why blowing? Silently over take. A story of chalk line

One day, I was travelling with my family. We were on high way and I was driving the car. My father sitting beside. During the driving, I found that one car come across my way and stop me to take an overtake of it. I continuously blowing my car horn to take an over take. My father silently observed the things. After a moment he said, Why are you blowing the horn? Take a side, accelerate the car and take an over take. I did the same and I over took the car.

Today after 7 year why I recall this? I didn’t understand the meaning what my father said on that day but now I realized what it was.

An incident recall me that many time in my life I exactly do the same. I wasted my energy to shouting behind the people. I pulled them out, sometime I stopped them to do and wasted my energy behind the negative deeds. Which is completely useless and I wasted my precious time behind the people who any how, stop me or covered me but I give them a better response in positive manner.

Yes my friends, I invite you to put your self in shoes and link the incident with your life.

I ask you, is it relay important that we need to put other selves down to show our self better than them?

I would like to quote a story of Chalk lines, which I heard during my school days.

One day in school, teacher came to class and started to draw a two line with chalk on black board. Out of which one line is bigger than other one. After finished, she asked students. Dear students, you see the two lines. One is smaller than other.

We want small line bigger than other one on board. I invite one of you on board to do the stuffs. Many students tried it out.

A common conclusion was, students rub the bigger line and make it small so, other line would look bigger comparatively.

You all know what teacher did, right? She took a chalk, extend the smaller line and made is bigger than other one without rub it out.

What story tell us? Yes, exactly that we need to increase our limit rather than waste our energy to make other selves down. A very great saying in English,

“Your action speaks louder than words”.

There is no need to shout. People are smart enough to observe the things. I think will get our rewards, if we positively do the things.