A Rainy anecdote to the power of belief

You may have heard many motivational speakers advocating about the power of belief. Similarly, almost every self help genre book would directly or indirectly push you towards believing in yourself when encountered with uncertainty in life. The idea of believe has been such an important part of my life’s journey so far but one incident made me rethink on why do we always need to remind ourselves of the power of belief during tough times, when it is already a part of our true nature.

It was a Friday evening and It’s been raining around from last two days. I stepped outside to buy some essentials. The streets were so heavily water logged that I could barely see the road. But I kept on driving on that path believing that there aren’t any pot holes or if there are any, I would cross them all. Now this faith allowed me to move forward and I didn’t have to think much or may be I didn’t have any other choice. Had life given me a similar uncertainty, I would have put on breaks to my life’s vehicle for a while and thought of the ways to be certain about the fact that riding on this path won’t give any potholes. Rather I choose to go ahead on that path by running my vehicle steadily and believing that I would move through the potholes which come my way. One of the reasons I could believe is because I have been through the similar roads in the past but the only difference this time around was the uncertainty due to the presence of water on that path. We can always apply the same concept to life as life would always offer you the hard rides and we need to move forward by believing in the belief that the similar roads have been successfully travelled in the past and this new path is not an exception to it. This belief has helped me to move forward which otherwise would have made me to stop and put down my breaks till the water gets cleared.

Now it may seem a little lame to relate this incident to life as life can be more adventurous but it made me realise the fact that belief is our true nature. The only thing we need to do is to have that realisation and move forward by taking life as easy as driving on watery roads.



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Ankit Choudhary

Engineer by profession, loves exploring life, travelling and meeting people