Hire a Personal Assistant!

INFP’s and the likes tend to struggle with their ultra-quintessential nature of non-execution of tasks. And that is what their intrinsic nature is.

You guys are nowhere close to being lazy. You don’t tend to procastinate. It’s just that your priorities are different. When the ESTJ’s of the world are all essentially running and performing various to-do lists chasing their materialistic wants, you tend to sit and dream.

A healthy motivated INFP when left alone in a room for an hour or two can come up with so extra-terrestial ideas to solve any problem, that one would assume he’s on a high dose narcotics.

Because INFP’s are so busy with ideation, they tend to forget that there exists an outside world. There are errands to be performed.

The telephone bill won’t get paid by itself. The AC doesn’t have the ability to repair itself. The car won’t get washed by itself, yet. And we know that you are really busy thinking a solution to these, and how can you automate everything around you, but till then we would strongly recommend you to hire a Personal Assistant.

Because when you get these errands out of your mind, we are sure that you will truly create something unique. Because that’s what you are designed to do. That’s what your purpose of life is. That’s what God sent you for.