“You chose entrepreneurship because you were seeking freedom, but you actually got caught up more!”

Doing a startup won’t necessarily give you freedom.

Self employment definitely looks like the most obvious choice to freedom seekers, but what you are actually seeking, and what is entrepreneurship all about, might turn out to be two opposite poles. Just saying!

When I started my first startup, I thought: ‘This will change everything!’. Well it didn’t. After gaining a hell lot of insights about entrepreneurship & all other stuff that you are not taught anywhere else, I decided to not follow through.

Then, after sometime I did another startup. And then another one! In the down times between closing one startup and starting another, I did joined some jobs, other companies, other people in their startups. And then I would suddenly quit them and startup again.

Gradually, I came to realize through the inward journey that entrepreneurship throws onto you, that it was not the passion behind the idea/ or helping people through this & that cause/ or earning lots of money/ or growing big which was driving my crazy behaviour. My only end goal was Freedom.

Freedom to be what I want & to do what I want at any given point in my life. The societal conditions we live in, made me analyze this as -> having a big company with lots of money and reputation in the market would give me that freedom, ‘to pursue whatever comes to my mind, spontaneously’.

What we fail to realize is, that freedom is the only thing that God has gifted us with. Everything else is a human manifestation.

You don’t need a big house, a big car, lots of money inflow, and societal approvals, to pursue what you want. You can do it right now. That’s what the whole point is.

We tend to be chasing things which we don’t even like, assuming that will gain us this freedom in the long run, and in the process, we lose the freedom.

That’s what a lot of entrepreneurs go through. They are basically chasing a future promise of freedom, by losing their freedom in the present moment. And suddenly someday, the feeling of unconnectedness with the startup starts to arise. One realises, ‘This is not something I started the startup for!’

— So how can you gain your freedom back?

You have all the freedom you need, right now, in the present moment. All you need to do is: ‘Do your thing without any agenda, whatever gives you oneness!’

If you happen to love writing, Write. If you happen to love reading, Read. If you wish to sing, Sing. Dance. Act. Create. Innovate. Design. Love. Play. Be spontaneous. Do what your instincts tell you to do. Trust them. Because they are the only guide you have! They will lead you to your true calling.

And believe me, Abundance will automatically follow.

Whenever you forget how you were originally designed to be, just look at those cute small children. There is no agenda in what they do. They are unaware about any concepts of money. They just do whatever comes to their mind. And they seem to be loving it.

Sometimes people tend to be concerned, what if they are not ever able to make big bucks out of what they love to do. I say, who cares? As long as you are able to do what you love to, all the time, would you worry about having that big house and that big car?

And The world is anyways designed in a way, that when you send out frequencies of love in the outer space, they are send back to you in form of abundance. Just start doing what you want to, and everything else will automatically start to fall in place.