Guys, time to split the bill with your girlfriend!

Humans are more inclined to take the easier path, a lot of times knowing the harder one is the right one. All of us have witnessed great yogis from time to time, who did not come under the influence of greed, but elsewhere, greed still exists!

When my father gives me a settled business to run, I do get greedy to take over it. But if I miss on the struggle of setting up my own thing, I do not get fulfilled.

Who has more money, power, fame & reputation, has nothing to do with fulfillment. We get fulfilled during our journey to our dream, the dream itself doesn’t fulfil you!

So why do I talk about the financial independency of women today. I have come to observe a weird phenomenon with quite a lot of girls I have met. They expect the man to pay for their share also. A lot of times, even when she was just a friend.

Though this really does not have to do anything with being a girlfriend or just a friend, but a lot of Indian men & women still hold the thought that it is a man’s duty to take the financial responsibility of their wife/ girlfriend. Cheers to those crazy ones! Anyways, moving on! :P

So, why does this exist? :Traditionally, men have been the one who has been going out and gathering food for the family (from the hunting days), while the women took care of the children, and other household things. So man has been a provider from ancient times, and women have long been habituated to be dependent on him.

But time has changed, and we have come to an era, where women are commanding equal respect, in every field whatsoever. And I completely believe in the idea. Why should boys have all the fun :P

So, when we ought to discuss gender equality so strongly, we need to take this into account very urgently. Women empowerment can only come when the woman starts feeling financially independent! Splitting the bills is a very important step towards that. You won’t feel empowered if you don’t. Trust me!

So, what happened to male chivalry and stuff? Well, to all my sweet gentleman friends, if you are on a first date with the girl, I will allow you to pay. But if you continue to pay till the 21st date, the relationship is moving towards an unhealthy zone, you just don’t know it yet!

When you don’t pay, somewhere deep internally you feel obliged to the one who did. And this is the boundation that you have been fighting off, my women friends. For like years, you guys (I mean, you girls), have been going out with your flags, and screaming women women! :P

Boundations exist in your head. Lack of freedom exists in your head. Your husband doesn’t feels bounded if you tell him not to spend on that expensive car. He will just think, that you care. He might still buy the car the next day. But if you don’t feel financially independent, you keep having that permission conflict, internally, even when you have all your husband’s money stored in your locker!

Financial independence is the first step towards Freedom. If your sweet friend is still running away from it, you got to talk this out! And believe me, this doesn’t makes you cheap! :P

Remember I told you in the beginning that there is always an easier route. Keeping paying for her might be a convenient option for you, and sometimes for her as well. But then you have a soul, who feel obliged and bounded around you. And fulfillment only comes through connection of two free souls. Everything else, is chutzpah!