Management vs Development

The love of creation, vs the society’s natural heirarchy!

I happen to be a product and branding consultant. I try to steal time to create things myself at times — Czen

It has been a while, while I have been thinking about this. For everyone reading this, there is no solution I have found to it. May be I have, but I am not ready to accept it. May be most of you know it already, but you are not ready to accept it too.

Or may be there’s a solution, which we could actually come to terms with, just the way we want it. May be, someone among us, can show that path. But today, it’s not me. Today, I don’t leave you with one.

So, let me invite you to the real discussion. There’s a certain set of people, who love to produce. Who love to build things. Who love to express themselves, through their creation. Products, Designs, Architecture, Paintings, Music, Software, and everything else that is created from an abstract state.

All of these people acquire certain set of skills in their lifetime, and they create through their set of skills. Whatever is the creation, the feeling of achievement comes from the sense of having created something.

But the societal career path as we all know it, is moving from creating things, to being seen as an expert, and managing these creators. Where you suddenly stop creating, and start managing people.

While you start getting more recognition, bigger paychecks, prestigious luxuries, what a lot of these people start missing is creating themselves. The energy they actually get from creating things themselves.

Having faced similar problems, I have been reading some really good blogs, with people writing similar stories, about how they got into a management position, and regretted it 1 year down the line. It’s such a weird situation, when you are getting everything, that the society is envious of, but all you want to do, is return to that junior position, and actually code / design / paint/ produce/ or whatever your magic is.


It’s such a natural thing to promote your best man to a higher position. I remember clearly, when the one of the best mans in Team AwakeY, was promoted to a managerial position, suddenly things started to haul. Suddenly the best man, became the worst man. Suddenly, the energy and vibes were lost.

Reference study:

Having said that, I still fight with this. I happen to be in a managerial position. I try to achieve a balance, by managing in the day, and doing creative works, in the rest of the time I can steal, but then there are only 24 hours in the day.

So why do I not just dive into full time executive creative position? — — Well, I don’t get enough money and glory in those roles, atleast yet.

May be, I haven’t become a specialist yet. Maybe, as I hone my skills, I might reach a position, where the name Czen, is paid high enough, for just giving some of his time, to research, to ideate, and to create. A day, where Czen’s creations, are worth a lot for companies. Until then, Czen, continues to struggle to reach there.

Comments invited.

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