Best Ultrabook/ Laptop to buy under $1000

So, I was revisiting my blog post from last year, and I decided to make another one for the continued love to Macbook Air.

An year back, my sister gave me with the job of finding her a laptop, that’s sleek, light weight, portable, and have a good battery life. Owning a Macbook Air from 3 years, my instant reaction was, get a MBA.

But then, she had her doubts, as she has been using a windows laptop for years now, and it seemed to her, shifting to the mac OS would be too technical. And then she went on to make me responsible for buying her the right thing.

Haha. My heart shouted Macbook Air, but I didn’t wanted to hear taunts for the next 5 years :P

So, I decided to take a rational approach. I noted down her requirements: 2 Word files, 1 Excel file, 20 Chrome tabs, an HD movie, should run at the same time, with no lag, & NO Gaming & NO Intensely Heavy Softwares required to run. Pretty much the same requirement of every other grown up user of notebooks.

I set out to find 3 matching people, who use it for the same purpose, who own a Macbook Air, and who shifted from a windows laptop.

And in between, I googled 20 pages of reviews, and 200 unbiased articles. And I concluded and gifted her a Macbook Air. And she seems to be very happy about her laptop!

If you ask me, ‘Macbook Air’ is a piece of Art. Designed in 2010. Light Years Ahead. You can’t happen to not love it.

And if you really think about it, Macbook Air is the cheapest Laptop available out there. A laptop worth is not just the upfront price, but the maintenance costs it would require, summed up to 5 years [Any other laptop than Mac won’t last 5 years anyways].

I have just completed my 4 years with this wonderful piece of Art. And I love it everyday.

I suggest to get the 13.3 inch Macbook Air version, and it’s available under 60k now. Nothing of such a quality can be cheaper than this.

On a closing note: 
In life, there exist two choices. There is Macbook. And then, there is everything else.

The Evangelist