Let's just get to the point. If you are one of those folks who

  • Hate web page advertisements and ad blockers
  • You love to read but in a distraction-free mode.
  • And you use google-chrome with Linux

You might ask, just install an extension for reading, yay! of course, that might work but every extension in chrome is another process in the background. Why need an extension when things can be done natively? How many extensions would one have to install?

Google has now an experimental feature of reading mode just like firefox now natively have, here’s something from Chrome “

Recently I was playing with docker API on OSX and the setup was little complicated so I thought to put all steps together in one place. Just to summarise the default tcp port for docker is 2375 (unencrypted) and 2376(encrypted) communication over tcp(although we can choose any other port).

The setup on linux is fairly straight away using systemd and a lot of help is out there however on OSX there are issues to deal with.

For security reasons , on OSX the default tcp port is not exposed and listens to socket/var/run/docker.sock .

There are two ways using which…

Recently, I got a chance to use Cloudformation for a project. While I was learning Cloudformation I was mostly playing through the AWS provided sample templates. However, I encountered to a very common use case which was not defined in any of the sample templates (i.e create an EC2 instance with root volume having custom size, the default size AWS provides is 8GB) thus I decided to post it here so it might help others.

To create a custom size volume you need to add two json blocks to a sample Cloudformation template. …

Yes, you heard it right. Engineering a product is an easy thing to do.

Let me be very clear. I am not talking about “Easy engineering“ at a scale of Google, Facebook, Instagram and other big names but in general. But the same applies to them too.

Anything, when we say is easy or hard is relative to something. Although I have been engineering products for long as an engineer myself but for all of us owning our shit is a different story. Creating a product takes engineering, but building a product needs ownership.

And before anyone thinks let me…

Ankit Kulkarni

Keep learning, Keep sharing. Now DevOps @flock-chat . Previous DevOps@zayalabs, DevOps @Tinyowl

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