Determining Your Future — Working After-Work

Exactly yes, you got it right! Working After-Work. You’re back to home, probably by 6 p.m. But you do not sleep till midnight.

How do you spend this time till midnight?

If you’re going to say that you spend nearly 4-5 hours, after returning, just watching some serials and your favourite shows on T.V., browsing through Facebook or updating and checking your Instagram feed - then I must say that you’re quite satisfied with your job.

Are you?

If you’re actually satisfied with your job - maybe you should pause here and continue with your favourite shows and online feeds.

If not - Read on.

Most people think that their career will be determined by the efforts they are going to put in during the work hours at the work place.
But in actual practise, the hours that you are going to invest in yourself after returning from your actual work is the time that will actually help you progress and make strides.

You are solely responsible for yourself. And you cannot blame your boss or your company for not grooming you.

So, spend just a little bit of time each day doing these 4 things (do not spare weekdays please - they’ll make the most difference).
And... Who knows - you may change your life forever.

1.) Read More
If you don’t read - start reading.
If you read frequently - make a habit of reading daily.
If you read daily - start reading more.

It has been very rightly said - 'Books are your best companions.'

It depends on you whether you prefer a paperback or an ebook. Even though ebooks are a trend these days, you must take a deeper look into the after effects of having at mobile or reader screens for a long time.

Also, besides this, you can even listen to books. There are various platforms available online.

When you read you get an advantage. You always have an edge over the crowd that you work with - your colleagues, staff and maybe - even your own boss.
So, reading always keeps you a step ahead in the competition.

There’s a saying that goes something like that if you’re going to spend an hour a day for learning a particular topic, then an year later, you’ll be knowledgeable than 99.999% people of the world.

Spend just half an hour reading a book each night - After-Work. At this rate you can easily read at least three books a month.

If you don’t read - start slow - because - ' The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones '.

Also, do not worry if you are not an expert in reading because - ' It doesn’t matter how slowly you go add long as you do not stop '.

May I, now, ask - which book are you reading tonight?

2) Applying the Knowledge Gained

You bought a book, read it, digested it, and put it aside. 
All the knowledge you gained from the book you finished last night is still in your head . But... Bad News - you’ll barely remember anything you read in just 3-4 days of reading that book, if you do not apply what you learn from it.

Again, there’s a very famous Confucius' quote — 
'I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I remember (forever). '

The application of all you’ve learned from reading in the form of related projects is surely going to benefit you. You’ll be polishing the skills you already have and of course, you’ll be developing new skills.

These newly developed skills and the polished ones are going to give you a lift towards being successful.

You can take on some volunteer projects or join some freelancer or part time projects for this. 
But make sure - do not let these projects affect your Work.

3) Making Connections
If you want to succeed, your networking skills need to be simply superb. You need to have right contacts to push your projects through.

For getting right contacts, you need to right connections and a strong network of relationships.

These relationships can help you to obtain data and information that are generally not easily accessible and available. Not just this, you also come across opinions of others by making connections.

You will definitely make yourself smart by making connections.

4) Move 
'A healthy mind resides in a healthy body '.

You do not just need to work for the development of your mind but you also have to put in efforts for maintaining a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle.

Hit the gym, go for a run, take a long walk, use a treadmill, take part in your favourite sport - do anything that involves overall physical movement. It will help you maintain you health.

Also, it has been recently proved that walking aids in creative thinking.

So, how do you plan to move today?

The After-Work starts tonight.
Your time starts - Now. I won’t take up anymore time. Now it depends on you - whether you want to Determine your Future by :

  • Working After-Work


  • By watching your favourite shows and checking online feeds.

All the Best — Determine Your Future

By ,

Ankit Maini

The Mechanic

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