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Before we get into the core of the blog I would like to inform all the readers that this blog revolves around upgrading the Hyperledger Fabric infrastructure from 1.1.0-preview to 1.4.0.

As I have upgraded the blockchain from a preview version to 1.4.0 stable version the steps followed might not be exactly the same for those upgrading from 1.1.x stable to 1.4.0 stable version. The blockchain infrastructure I have created has the following components:

  • 3 organization
  • 2 peer per organization
  • 4 orderers (Raft ordering mechanism)
  • 1 CA per organization

I have divided the docker-compose files based on the components. It can be done in several ways in which one of the ways is to divide it based on similar components, the other is to divide the files based on organizations. …

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If you would setup a project using Hyperledger Fabric 1.1.0-preview please follow my earlier post Project Setup using Hyperledger Fabric v1.1.0-preview and NodeJS SDK.

This post is intended to help people trying to upgrade the version of Hyperledger Fabric from 1.1.0-preview to 1.1.0-stable as this was one of the major challenge being faced when I tried to upgrade the version because I didn’t had any clue what all things are going to change and what all I will need to modify. …

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As we know Blockchain is now a very rapidly emerging technology being used for the development of DApps. Blockchain doesn’t provide any new feature from what was existing previously in the technology world. What blockchain does is that it combines some of the features which were available into a single package which reduces effort as well as the code quality and size. So, now the question arises that how to set up the basic project structure which uses Hyperledger Fabric with NodeJS. …

Nodejs Event Emitter

NodeJS is based on an event driven architecture. Event driven architecture is where an event is triggered by an object called emitters and listened by another object called as listeners. This architecture is similar to the publish and subscribe mechanism commonly known as pub-sub mechanism. In this mechanism first of all an event is subscribed which will be published and then the event is published. Similarly, in event driven mechanism a listener is created which will listen to a particular event triggered by the emitter and then that event is triggered.

All the emitter and listener objects extend the eventEmitter class. …


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