The Great Nation — the theme of the next War?

Hunt for the Greatest

The Great Nation is ? To be the answer of this question is what the countries around the world fighting for. Is it USA or China or someone else? But do any among them really know what does being a Great Nation do actually mean in its true sense. Well according to me , it’s not just about having the deadly and most lethal weapons or largest and most ruthless military capabilities. Also it’s just about having the most robust economy in the World.

Greatness comes from the example you set among the countries all around the world in terms of — governance , human rights , environment , economy etc. It means how you qualified to set the best narrative in front of the countries , some of them fighting with each other on territorial issues, on terrorism, some grappling with its own internal up heavels , some are knee deep in economical crisis etc. Everyone knows about what’s going on in Syria and other Middle East and African nations. There is fight going on in terms of religion , ego , Immigration etc.

So is there any Great Nation today in it’s true sense. Let’s look at the one who claim to be the one — The one and only United States of America. Mr. Trump wants to make America great again. Well , I’m really thankful to him as he himself stated that America is not right now the Great. Any one cannot deny the fact that every nation puts its own interest over the others. And so is the case with USA. Being at forefront in every UN initiative or mediating in the crisis any where around the world like in middle east nations like Syria or Iraq or in Afghanistan. It’s special focus on Asia Pacific is seen as to mitigate the China’s increasing influence in the region. Well it’s Middle East Affection can be attributed to the presence of large number of oil and gas reserves out there which were essential for its expanding and thriving economy in earlier centuries. But there is one initiative for which US needs to be really applauded and that is Paris Accord. It was historic and path breaking where US actually accepts the rationale that it is one of the key green house gas emitter and hence it has to play the torch bearer in this fight against Climate Change. It affirms it’s stand to cut down it’s emissions and rely more and more on Non Renewable sources of energy. But now it had backed down from this as well under its current regime. What message will this send to other nations?

China on other hand was always in a expansion mode. Involved in disputes ranging over territory, ideology etc. The media in censored there , its authoritative control over Hong Kong etc , presents other things than greatness. Russia, the most advanced country in the fields of Nuclear Technology and Military capabilities, is facing serious questions regarding its role in chemical genocide unleashed in Syria and its historical dispute with the Ukraine.

Well race for achieving this stature in the world is doing more harm than good, not just to other nations but to the nation itself. We are taking this World towards the path of excessive Nationalism — Jingoism. Instilling hate against other nationalities, gaining control over more and more land , radicalization etc will ultimately take this world towards its end. Greatness is in living in peace and harmony, giving equal rights to all, providing good governance and the most important putting Humanity above all.

Unity in Diversity is what we should ponder upon. Greatness do not come from ruling but it will come from being a role model for others. Peace is what everyone wants. World had seen enough destruction and death. We don’t want another war for the sake of becoming great. This heterogeneity is what makes this world a beautiful place to live.

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