1st week of coding period…

At the start of the 1st week everything seemed uncertain. I am working through data/cubes and Sunpycube was supposed to be my saviour, but it needs a lot of work to make it suitable for IRISPy. That lead me to dig through the wcsaxes (because the plots are not correct) I have learnt how to plot and now the experiments have started on visualisation of the raster data.

At the moment we are focusing on one raster scan data which can plot correctly with all the right wcs information.

Ah!!! Sunpy visualisation (Imageanimator) also needs wcs corrected before it can be used properly. It seems everyone neglects the importance of wcs data for plotting.

Hoping to make a PR soon that will subclass the Imageanimator and make the animations have proper wcs.

Week 2 and I can see a ray of hope after having a chat on 6th June now everything seems be more structured. I have more clear idea of what is going to happen. Lot of PR’s ahead of me. Wish me luck.