NDCube the generic class.

So my journey began with adding code to the present sunpycube, breaking and moulding it as per the requirement of the project. We went back and forth with different ideas and then added a CubeSequence class and finally a version 0.0 of IRISPy using the Cube and Cubesequence was made.

All this work made us realise the drawback of sunpycube, that it does not give same object type in slicing and indexing the cube(making it difficult for use in CubeSequence) and WCS class was changing the orientation (this made this painful for at many times).

This lead us to think of a better handling and making the sunpycube as generic as possible. Thus making this class as a superclass handling N-dimensional cubes (hoping that it does that :P).

Now a first draft of the new class called NDCube is finally complete. There is still a lot of tests and docstrings to be written. I feel tests are the real challenge, hoping it goes well.

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