So close to first evaluation

Had quite a few PR’s to be made and issues that had to be discussed in this two weeks. The archives of IRIS don’t seem to account the rotation of the sun when saving the WCS data. So we are at a crossroad whether to compromise on speed or go along without bothering for now and give a 2.0 release later.

Cube seems to be coming along pretty good. ImageAnimatorWCS seems to be almost done. I realised that Sunpy has tons of functionality I didn’t know about, recently got to know that there is a convenient function gca_wcs, this will make my PR even more neat. BTW Sunpycube needs like a ton of tests.

Started to work on the CubeSequence which will store all the cube instances. It’s going well so far (but not always as planned :P). I really like working on the IRISPy project and my mentors have been really patient with me :). I am learning a lot. Starting a Project is always hard work even I you have done many such project that’s for sure.

More eyes on your PR will always give you the best possible code you can ever write :) .

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