If those two things are done, it gives all the other things a fighting chance to figure it out.
The 2 Things I Tell My 6 YO Every Morning…
Vijoy Rao


This is just a small statement but carries a lot of moral gravity to it. Usually, we tend to treat human traits as discrete, parallel set of values. We can’t be perfect at all the traits. I might be an altruist but maybe not punctual, or I might be a hard working student with little or no perseverance. I can’t be good at all the things all the time. I don’t need to be good at all the things at the time.

We treat traits as parallel lines running with time. We are good at a few things, but just because we see we are not dominating the other traits, we tend to stop and pull the lines that are left behind. We try to create a parallel block of equal potential, but there is no music in that.

Every music, symphony, flexes different tones with different intensity and duration. An orchestra boasts of its varied musical acumen. That’s how music is made. That’s how life should be made.

As you mentioned, if those two things are done, other things have a fighting chance to figure themselves out. We don’t need to try and stretch the tones of other traits. We need to give ourselves some space to foster the spirit of not being a monotone.

Thanks for such an amazing thought. It truly gave my day a splendid start with so many new ideas.

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