You know what is my biggest fear?

I fear that I’ll grow old, really grey, and in those sacred moments, when I’ll sit with the then young generation, I won’t be able to give any substantial learning to them. It’d be no less than a sacrilege.

Isn’t it scary? Not being able to write something, or give some words of wisdom? Being seasoned and yet, somewhere unpolished, unfit to pass the learning of life?

Millions of years ago, in some insignificant part of Africa, Homo Sapiens evolved. We were no different than other animals, and as Noah Harari mentions in his book “Sapiens”, we were somewhere in the middle of food chain, sometimes, inline after scavengers, feeding on the carcass, rotten bodies. We were not important. But then, some Homo Sapiens did something that changed the structure of ecology. Within a few thousand years, Sapiens were at the top of the food chain, controlling their environment, deciding the future of other animals. We soon became a substitute for natural selection.

What was that “something” that we did to bring such a dramatic change?

We Failed..!!

Yes! All the changes, all the superiority, all of human civilisation happened because someone decided to fail.

Had it not been for those Sapiens who decided to fail and then not succumb to the fear of failure, we’d not have settled on far away lands, adapting to different environments, and no doubt we would have been extinct by now.

It’s nothing but building up on our failures, that human as a species has managed to prosper. And it’s nothing but failure that carries with it the promise of a better world.

But failure? Duh! Isn’t this what we are expected not to be?

Even though we owe so much to failure, the society as a whole perceives failure as a taboo. As a kid, we laughed at those who flunked. We belittle those who fail at work, we don’t take risks, because there is a brighter chance of us failing. In fact, the fear of failure is so hardwired in our brains, that we teach our children not to fail. And in doing so, we clip their wings. Imagine if Orville and Wilbur Wright would not have failed.

Failure is the first step to success. It’s the building force, the elixir, the magic on which bigger things stand. Failure is the music of life. You cannot succeed if you don’t fail. No chance. Failure will always precede success, and this cycle my friend, will never change.

So all you have to do, is to fail. Get up, put those shoes on and go fail at running. Take the paintbrush and fail at painting. Throw that alarm away and say to yourself loud that yes! you will fail to wake up on time next morning.

Robert F. Kennedy right said “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

And so, with this first article of mine, I’m ready to fail at writing.

The day you successfully learn how to fail, you’ll succeed, for failure has been the guiding light, and it will always be.

Fail enough in your life to be a story worth telling.
Fail enough, so that you won’t fail the coming generation by not having anything to pass on to them.

If you appreciate me trying to fail at writing, don’t hesitate in telling me, and if you want me to fail with you on any idea that you always wanted to pursue, drop a mail at

I promise, we will fail together. I’d love to be your partner in failure.