Top 5 Angular JS Web Development Companies Across The World

In order to build a dynamic website, developers use AngularJS framework. In addition, AngularJS creates a strong foundation which is backed up by a robust framework.

Businesses these days are looking to create their dynamic web portals. In that case, the rise and demand for AngularJS can be seen. Therefore, it has become very difficult for businesses to hire an experienced and expertise development company in AngularJS technology. There more than 1000 companies which claim to be the best and has a great portfolio which supports their claims.

In this blog, I will talk about top 5 AngularJS development companies which are appreciated and has the great feedback from many customers around the world. While posting about these top AngularJS development companies, I have taken certain parameters like consumer feedbacks, ratings, cost-efficiency and time for delivery etc. So, here are the top 5 AngularJS development companies in the world:

  1. Clavax Technologies

Pricing: 50–110$/hr

Location: United States

Founded: 2011

Employees: 250

Clavax Technologies was founded in the year 2011 and is known for delivering cutting edge software to its clients and businesses.

They use the cutting-edge technologies for various business domain knowledge with having more than 160 + clients and having more than 500 projects delivered successfully.

Some of the famous clients of Clavax Technologies are Jabil, HoneyWell, VTI Instruments and Aurora.

This company is the first choice for many consumers when it comes to AngularJS development.

The main drawback of this company is that they are just a new company who has total experience of 6 years only.

2. PixelCrayons

Pricing: 30–60$/hr

Location: India

Founded: 2004

Employees: 350

If you are looking to outsource your AngularJS development work in India. Then, there is no better option than PixelCrayons. It has the ratings of 99 out of 100 for delivery on time, 70 out of 100 for CAGR, and has the customer satisfaction score 97 out 100. Moreover, they have proved their worth in the industry.

PixelCrayons was founded in the year 2004. It has more than 4800+ clients in more than 38+ countries. Moreover, they have experienced and expertise development team who understands the demands of their clients and comes out with right solutions according to their requirements. In addition, they provide services to many small-scale businesses and startups.

PixelCrayons major clients are Warner Bros., Qatar Airways, Citigroup and Morphy Richards.

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3. Iflexion

Pricing: 200–300$/hr

Location: United States

Founded: 1999

Employees: 380

Iflexion was founded in the year 1999 and is known for delivering the great quality software to their clients and businesses.

They are known for using proven methodologies, technologies and business domain knowledge with having more than 400 expert and experienced developers who are highly acknowledged in the industry.

Iflexion major clients are PayPal, Adidas, Toyota and Xerox.

Iflexion is a major choice of many clients and businesses because of their strict quality control policy and timely delivery of the product.

The major drawback of Iflexion is the higher pricing for small scale businesses who are not able to afford such expenses.

4. Espeo Software

Pricing: 40–70$/hr

Location: Poland

Founded: 2008

Employees: FreeLancer

Espeo Software was founded in the year 2008 and develops one the best AngularJS dynamic web portals for its customers and clients.

If you want to outsource your project to Poland than Espeo Software is the best choice out of all the companies. It has more than 300+ clients across Europe.

Major clients of Espeo Software are Crowd Valley and Bay Angels.

The biggest disadvantage of Espeo Software is that it does not have any global footprint other than European countries.

5. LD Studios

Pricing: 100–150$/hr

Location: United States

Founded: 2014

Employees: 10

LD Studios was founded in the year 2014 and is famous for developing many dynamic websites and mobile applications.

LD Studios uses great technologies and provides many great solutions for the creation of their business website or application.

LD Studios major clients are Apple, Sephora and Johnson & Johnson.

The biggest drawback of this company is that there are not many employees that are currently working in this development company.

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