Use Postman’s API testing features to continuously test application UI.

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Postman is a tool commonly used to work with APIs. It provides an easy way to make HTTP calls and run scripts during various phases of the request. We can leverage these features for continuous and automated UI testing.

This article outlines a few ways of using Postman to test various aspects of a UI viz. performance, functionality, security, integrity and accessibility. We will also look at how to run these tests periodically and get notified about the results.

0. Setup and Postman Primer

As a fresh graduate, I was excited at the prospect of writing code for a product used by millions of users. I could not wait send my first PR and get it merged. Little did I know that the first comments I would receive were not about my code but about my commit messages and how they need to be better.

The young me thought, “Why is that important? Who cares about messages? It is the code which matters.” Two years later, after working on multiple projects, reviewing countless PRs and going through a plethora of public packages, I realize…

Building a React web application, for the most part, is writing components which combine to form your user interface. But there are certain components which are reused across your entire application — Button, Link, Dropdown, Tooltip, etc.

For larger projects, all these components reside in a common style guide. You pick up components from the style guide and use it wherever you want. These are just like any other React components, but they need to have one special feature — customizability.

No matter how strict the design guidelines are, you cannot expect the same type of button to be used…

1. Introduction 🤝

If you have ever built a web app, you know the pain of testing the entire application every time you add a new feature. Yes, you just modified one isolated module of the code and it should not affect anything else. But there a tiny sliver of doubt in a dark corner of your mind, “What if it broke something?”.

To remove this doubt, you spend quite a lot of time testing all other flows to make sure you did not accidentally break anything major. There is always a chance of you missing edge cases. So you go ahead and…

Thrown right in the middle of a desert, a room, an alley, a magic portal or sometimes a strange planet, you have to fight your way through till the end; just to realize that it all ends at where you started.

If you didn’t get any of this, you have probably not read any novel till now and this is exactly the place where you want to be.

Ever been jealous of your friends who talk of books they have read? Started reading a book, but couldn’t persist till the end? Wondered why people say, never judge a book by…

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Software developer at Postman

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