The Lazy Monday

Well, Its 1st January, 2018. Happy New Year! It’s amazing how people can be so optimistic. No matter how a year went, you are suppose to be happy on the last day. This cultivation of happiness can be very dangerous. Read an interesting article on that today & here is link.

New year also mark one more thing. You are getting old. We are afraid of aging and want to live in twenties. How wonderful it would be if you never get old even a day just after you hit some age let’s say 25 🙂 You would be having a lot of time to read all the books out there or learn every skill that you can think of. You would be able to visit whole world and your perspective would be really wide about the world. How cool it would be?? You don’t have to worry about time after all.

But your immortality comes with a curse. Everybody around you is getting old, your parents, your wife/husband, your children. You have let them go from your life even if they are very dear to you. Its really painful to see your loved ones going apart. There is a fun in getting old with the people we love. No matter how oxymoron it sounds, that’s a really. Think about it!

Age of Adaline provides a same message with a wonderful love story. I would definitely recommend it if you are also having a lazy day just like me.

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