❤ @ Work

Between U & I .. Its always LOVE ❤ ❤

It was one of those heavy weekdays.. umm guess it was one of the busiest Wednesdays for Sahaana and Andrew..

Clock ticks, the cuckoo sings to proclaim its already 11 p.m. but the two contrasting diagonal corners of Sahaana’s study were preoccupied with not so dim lights.

The west corner had a rugged brown giant masculine chest sort of drawers cum study table with wooden metallic look, carrying a hefty terminal and a silver Macintosh. If you just gaze at this corner .. you’ve clearly entered into a maestro of geeks world.. where on that comfy huge chair Andrew delved into his research..

When you just about turn and look at the opposite corner.. I bet you’d rather enter into a dreamworld of Disney's princess..though not a kid but a mature dignified lady of substance types.. That’s the contrasting golden corner with a dimly lit screen of a laptop and its cute owner.. our very own gal with the spects Sahaana..

As soon the cuckoo gets inside into its shelter.. the noise of a chair’s push back breaks the silence of this strange study..

Sahaana.. yawns and walks down to Andrew’s table.. She stood their gazing at him with a kiddish smile.. just when she was about to turn..Andrew..paused..looked up.. held her hand softly..pulled her down towards him..gazes into her eyes and nods…and leaves the mark of a kiss on her forehead and a smile on their lips….

Perhaps..it was just Sahaana’sMay I drink water’ break… so she pulled herself back immediately and rushes to the kitchen..

After 10 minutes..

Same silence all around.. its 15 minutes past 11 at night, Sahanna slips as silently as a cat into the room and puts down Andrew’s latte in his very own favorite coffee mug, in the corner of that rugged, brown masculine drawers.. and has dived back into her own laptop..

…… she sighs while settling back on her chair.. and says…

its love at work An..

coz between u & i .. its always love .. *winks* *giggles of Sah and An*..