As we can see that we are surrounded by technology and relying so much on it. There are many companies which are emerging, from performing analysis on data. So now-a-days data is very important.

We are getting lazier day by day, We are relying on technology too much!! Consider for example Trivago, It is making profit on providing the analysis on data from the various site. It’s good to get the stats from one site and then go with it than visiting each site separately setting all the parameters redundantly and then comparing for the best option. What a boring work to do right !!! :(

So I must say, providing the analysis from various sites, is a mind-blowing Idea!!

So why not go one step further and make one platform which will compare all sector from a single app.

Ex. An app which contains categories like mobiles, suppose site x, y and z are selling those mobile. We can provide to a user, A comparison on the same page of what these sites are offering and what is the difference between them.

Same can be applied to movies. Suppose I decide to watch a movie, my half-time goes on searching where can I find that movie? First I open Netflix → oops!! not there then goes to prime →oops also not there!!, then search on other and another. Why not make a common platform where once searched for a movie it will give you the result where it is present so the user doesn’t need to search everywhere. We can also provide the analysis on that video like with what resolution videos are present on that site and we can also compare the price for those movies.

In India for grocery shopping we use Grofers, big basket etc. we can compare grocery prices between them.

also when we want to order some food, we go from site to site for where that particular restaurant is available whether on swiggy or foodpanda.

providing one app or site which will give analysis from all sector sound really interesting…

Analysis has made our life easier and it will make it easier as time goes by…

You may be thinking so how would I make money from this,

Well there are many factors from which you can make a profit from this

1] Advertising that’s the most obvious one

2] advertising partners primarily using a cost-per-click (CPC)

3] If app gets famous new inventors would like to add their name to an app so that may be the source.

If you like this idea please, mention in the comments

Open for all the pros and cons related to this. Can’t wait to hear from you. Please feel free to provide some suggestions.