4 Things that an Employer looks for in a prospective Employee

Had I been in the position to employee somebody under me, well, firstly let’s assume that I own a publication firm, my office in a tower with probably aquatic glass curtain walls. The back of my desk faces the cluster of buildings, considerably of others commercials and houses. A warm mocha haired woman knocks in to inform me that I’ve an interview to take; a 23yrs old wishes to fill in the recently got vacant role of ‘Social Media Marketing Manager’ of the company.

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‘Send him in.’

I would’ve said, without looking up from the papers I was scribbling something on. Owning a firm comes with responsibilities, you see.

A confident voice knocks the fancy smoked tempered glass I recently have introduced to my office, asking if he could come in.

Now, if you ask me, what those 4 major things I wish to see in the guy who’s about to enter, I might draft quite a logically assertive clause.

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The first 5secs will give me my prior check- Appearance. Appearance, not your complexion nor the brand of clothes you wear, or the ‘oh an interview’ shine on your shoes; it’s wearing the clothes that suit your complexions, highlighting the confidence you carry in along. I’m not going to look into his shoes to notice dust, it could be a rainy day, but my eyes would linger down on the pair right, after I’m done reading him through his face, to notice if his shoes suit the occasion of an interview and the way he laces it. A round of questionnaires he would’ve prepared so hard for is neither in my checklist nor stays under my concern. I already would’ve read his resume flaunting all his educational and career information, bounded by the certificates and merits he’s attained; ofcourse that him being in my cabin illustrates that his qualifications justify the job role. The way he puts himself before me, in the 20mins conversation we’d have on all the topics that interest both of us, is in it.

I wish to know him interested in the work, that’s if I approve and if he joins, and, alas, if I did own a firm. I’ll look for interest, more than I shall look to his capabilities. It doesn’t count to me for how many years and which xyz (ending with a ‘zee’ not ‘zæd’) Business Today climaxed company he has work experience on. I might take in a freshers who has just passed from a not so recognized institute but then there must be something about his mind that would appeal me to work along with.

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He must be communicable to everybody he might be concerned to in the company, for if there’s no link between ours mind, there’s no way I can utilize his potential and he, my position. I want no person who knows 5 languages, I want my employees to know one or two but that builds a communication among us. I want no passouts from Oxfords and Hogwarts (I know! Hogwarts was for magic but then isn’t marketing close to hypnotizing too?); I want people who work to live up to their dreams along with mine.

And now, as I remove my eyeglasses and carefully fold them to put them down , I calmly place one hand to rest under my chin while the other bringing my coffee mug up to sip from it, I’m impatient to see what the man has got in him.