A Negative Panda

Lu was a very happy Panda.

Like all the other Panda’s he knew two things, sleeping and eating. Lu was as happy as all the Panda’s were.

One day it so happened that Tzu came to visit Lu. Tzu was a great philosopher. He belonged to the cat family. He was Lu’s oldest friend. On meeting Lu, Tzu said excitedly, “Hey Lu, come, visit our world!”

Anything new was an excitement for Lu. He happily agreed.

He hugged his other Panda friends and told them that he will return in a week.

It was a long journey. On their way to visit the cat family, Tzu and Lu slept parking their car on the roadside. When Lu got up in the morning, he turned his head around to find Tzu. But he was nowhere. He tried opening the car door, but it did not open. Lu was surprised.

He tried opening other doors, but none of them opened. A letter was kept on the other seat. Lu read it.

You are a stupid Panda, Lu. Remember, how your Panda family once made fun of me. I felt very bad. They kept pinching me that I belonged to a breed who betrayed. Now here I am, to prove my breed’s nature. I don’t consider you my friend, Lu.

When Lu returned to his family, the Panda’s hugged him, but he did not feel like responding. He did not want to hurt his Panda family by disclosing Tzu’s truth. How could his oldest mate betray him?

Days passed, but Lu’s sadness did not leave him. The other Panda’s kept murmuring to each other for Lu’s behaviour.

One day the Panda’s got furious on seeing Lu continuously like this.

“You are a patch on our breed, Lu. A Panda is not supposed to be negative. What will the other breeds say?”

Lu did not know what to say. His sadness had started getting out of his control.

“Hey Lu, Fu was asking us what has happened to you. What should we tell him?”

Lu did not speak.

“You are so negative, Lu!” A Panda shouted as he went inside the pool. Lu stayed outside and watched him go.

Days passed and Panda’s started leaving Lu. The other breeds had started questioning the Panda family about Lu. The Panda family decided to boycott Lu. A negative Panda wasn’t supposed to be among the happy Panda’s.

The Panda’s then wrote a letter to Lu:

Lu, it’s best that we stay away from you. We smell too much negative energy around you. And it has started turning few other Panda’s also negative. They too have started questioning friendship and life.
We cannot cure your negativity, but we can leave you!
When you return normal, come back to us.
Panda family

Lao, who was a very thoughtful ant from the insect family, thought about visiting Lu to cure his negativity. He knocked Lu’s door, but he did not come out.

Lao discovered that the door of Lu’s home was open. Lu was nowhere to be seen. Only a letter was kept on the table. Lao read it.

Dear Panda’s,
I am not negative.
You are positive. Sometimes positive people don’t remember what they say. Because they say it out of so indifference.
Negative-Positive is a cycle, Panda’s.
Tzu became negative because of your positive behaviour. And I became negative because of Tzu’s negative behaviour. The time you spend in thinking negativity, makes you a negative Panda yourself. The only difference is, no one boycott you.
I am leaving. But it’s a request, next time you spot an unhappy Panda, don’t call him negative. Just keep calling him Panda.
Because a Panda is a default happy creature.