Akhar | Lahoriye | Amrinder Gill | English Translation

Ni main tere naalon sohna
Koi vi vekheya na
Oh! I haven’t seen anyone more beautiful than you

Suraj tatta te
Chann daagi taare pathar ne
Sun is too hot,
even moon has scars..and stars are just rocks

Koi mull nahi si
Than than rulde firde si..
we were worthless..
roaming here and there in search of such beauty

Loha paar la ditta
Ikk chandan di lakkad ne (x2)
just one log of sandal defeated iron..

Bahn te likheya nale
Vekhan nale chuman main
written on my arms…
which I kiss as I see..

Meri surat bhulati
Tere naa’ de akhar ne (x2)
a single letter of your name has made be forgot everything else

Aithe koi na milda
Aape Rabb milaunda ae
People do not meet by choice..
but by the grace of God..

Milna vichhadna ae
Sab kismat de chakkar ne (x2)
connections and separations..
are all game of destiny..

Jehde aes jahano
Ik dooje ton vichad gaye
Those who got separated from each other in this world

Khore kes jahano
Mud oh jaake takkarne (x2)
don’t know in which other world..
they meet again..

Ni main tere piche
Aakhir tikar auna ae
oh! I follow you to the end..

Bhavein paeran de vich chubde
Sulaan pakhad ne (x2)
then no matter if my feet hurt with stones

Mainu pata nahi si
Ishq tere diyan kadiyan ne
I never knew..
your love has strong-chains

Ni hath per soniye
Aidan mere jakkadne (x2)
my hands and feet
are held in the chains of your love

Ni main tere naalon
Tutt ke injh suk sadh jaana
After getting separated from you..
I will dry out and die

Tuttde tahni naalon
Jiven soniye pattar ne (x2)
just like how leaves fall off the branches…