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Handbags for women are exactly what shoes are for men. We women have an incorrigible love for handbags. Be it the trendy up-scale handbags or the imitations of the designer bags, women love it all. However, when you buy branded bags online, you pay a good sum for them and hence you deserve a branded handbag. However, sadly enough there are a number of online portals and largely the online sellers that sell the imitation or the cheap copy of the branded handbags. Considering the number of sellers selling online, it is hard to pick the authentic sellers from the pool of sellers. So, how can a consumer make a choice without regretting it later? There are a few simple steps that the consumer needs to follow so as to make a choice that is reliable and authentic.

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Firstly, whenever you shop for branded handbags like the much loved Charles and Keith handbags, you must check for the seller from whom you are making a purchase. Ensure that the seller that you buy your handbag is an authentic seller of the brand. How to find whether the seller is authentic or not? Top brands like Charles and Keith, always take necessary steps to keep their sellers aware. They list down the names and the portal of the sellers that house their products. This is a great way to be informed about the genuine sellers over the fake ones. So whenever you shop from a portal that is relatively new, you must always confirm whether the seller is listed with the official brand or not.

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Next, check for the price. Most buyers consider price as the benchmark for making a purchase. If the price is the lowest, they make a purchase. However, what is to be noted is that the designers of the Charles and Keith bags and the other branded stores always keep a little margin on their products. So, if there is a latest handbag in the collection and that is priced at a price that is 50% off the retail price, you can be assured that it is merely an imitation of the brand and not really an authentic product. Don’t fall for it! Yes, it is true, if the handbag belongs to the last year’s collection, there may be a difference in the price but never on the fresh arrivals.

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Third, check the return policy of the store from which you are making a purchase. Ensure that the store from which you make a purchase has a flexible return policy