With Audience Targeting How to Create the Perfect ad

It is a challenge to reach specific types of consumers throughout the purchase journeys but here it shows by using the right targeting ingredients how to capture the attention to create the perfect ad.

We are well aware of the power of audience targeting as search marketers. With marketing we got a taste of it which left us scrambling to restructure campaigns and blew away our conversion rates.

Demographic Targeting:

Through user behavior, demographics, interests, device and location search marketers have been targeting their audiences. But the thing which is missing is additional layer of demographic targeting.

To reach specific user sets throughout their purchase journeys it is now easier than ever.

But how it is easy?

· Audience ads are image and feed based whereas search ads used keywords and are predominantly text based.

· Audience ads use artificial intelligence to find and reach specific targeted audience whereas keywords waited for customers to search.

· Audience ads use AI and predictive analytics whereas keywords use algorithms.

Now more native ads:

How you come to know that you are delivery right message to right customer at right time. It is good to serve advertisement to the customers along their daily journeys not interrupted them.

By 2020 sales force research shows that 51 percent of consumers expect that companies will anticipate their needs and before they make contact they need to make relevant suggestions.

And the more storytelling:

It is obvious that each and every customer has a story. At various points throughout the purchase journey audience ads give advertisers the opportunity to reach specific customers. It is better to focus more on why (your product) rather than what. You need to explain your customers that how your product or services is good for them. These are the best way for to create ad for targeting audience.

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