After getting a little appreciation and a few likes from my near and dear ones I am writing the second article today. The content that I want to share is something that I personally have felt in life. Let me share an instance with you-

I went to gym today morning and it was drizzling while I was returning. As usual, I went to a tea shop to purchase a cup of tea. I was a little drenched in the rain, but I was okay with it. I asked for a cup of tea to the shopkeeper and suddenly a guy came in an old moped loaded with lots of vegetables. He was overloaded and was wearing a rain coat and a helmet to get protected from the rain but was drenched. He stopped his moped and called his brother. His brother was the shopkeeper, he was seeing his brother getting drenched in the rain and his care was clearly visible in his eyes but he took a pause and filled a cup of tea for me before helping his beloved brother. I was amazed to see the level of dedication for the customer. I suddenly went and lifted the sack full of tomatoes and helped that guy as he was getting drenched. He said, “Leave it sir”. I said, “It’s okay” and I helped both of them getting the whole vehicle unloaded. They became overwhelmed and thanked me.

I was just thinking, what it cost me? I spent nothing apart from some muscle to help them. They felt so amazed. By seeing their expression I can say that nobody had done this to them. I asked myself, “Why we cannot help a tea maker and shout to help a girl? “These small things contribute to make something huge. Let me share another instance-

My friend and I were going in a lift and a domino’s guy was also there in it. We were going on the basement but he was supposed to go to the ground floor. He stopped the lift and started picking the bags which he brought to carry pizzas. There were 15 bags approximately. He was shifting the bag one by one. I felt I must help him and I lifted some bags, he said, “Leave it sir I will do it”. I said, “Its okay brother” and I helped him, he thanked me. I felt great, he might have also. He might have said this to himself, “God! He was a good guy, I wish he will be happy”. This small sentence is enough for God to shower his blessings on me. That tea maker might also have given me some blessings and God have listened it. I mean, we can make difference by doing small things, why do we search for a big reason to create a difference?

We claim that we will beat a guy till death if we see any girl getting raped by him. We proclaim that we will kill a guy if he will say anything against our country or mother tongue or religion. We even change our profile pictures to show the world that we support the digital India movement or the justice movement for any mysterious murder. But, where are we positioning ourselves when it comes to do small things? We ignore. Let me give you a task, just go and help a security guard, a maid or a cafeteria guy by helping in their tasks or just simply wish them or say Thanks. Just, see the glow they get when they get appreciated. Everybody likes appreciation. If you believe in Karma then do believe that this will bring something great in your life. Because God will take these small feedback and will convert them into a huge blessing.

You might have seen some old aged people selling ear buds. I go and I always purchase those ear buds in higher price, not because I want to use it but to help them. Because they are so self-loving that they are not begging, instead doing some work. I just want to say, don’t wait for something big to bring a change, just use the small opportunities and it will create a huge difference. Ultimately, the Almighty will see that he created a person with love and that love is present inside of him and is embracing others too!

The logic is simple- DO GOOD and GOOD will come running to YOU.


21st September 2016.