5 points of theory

The 5 points of theory is

  1. Politics is Pervasive

This point says that politics is pervasive which means that politics is everywhere and it will remain there. The meaning of politics is the difference of opinions between 2 or more people on the same matter because of which conflict arises this called politics.

2. Language is Constitutive

This point says that language can be anything there is no such thing as language and language is decided upon by people and not one person .

3. Truth is Provisional

This point says that truth is universal and well in other words truth depends upon the a person and his/her views and also the truth changes with each person.

4. Meaning is Contingent

�This point explains that meaning is dependent upon the person as people decide the meaning of the word.

5. Human Nature is Myth

Human nature is something which we want to be anything in which like DNA and other things so that people can relate to it which is not true

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