Xcode | How to symbolicate a crash text file

I received a crash log file in text format from Apple, following steps helped me to symbolicate it and solve the crash easily.

Step 1: create a folder named crashes
Step 2: rename your crash file with name 1.crash and put in crashes
Step 3: Copy your .app file to your folder in crashes.
Step 4: find architecture present in crash with below command example arm64

grep -A 1 'Binary Images:' 1.crash | tail -1

Step 4: find starting address with below command example 0x1000f4000

grep -A 1 ‘Binary Images:’ 1.crash | cut -d “ “ -f1 | tail -1

Step 5: put address in below command and execute

xcrun atos -o MyApp.app/MyApp -arch arm64 -l 0x1000f4000 -f 1.crash > 1.sym.txt

Step 6: 1.sym.txt contains your symbolicated crash

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