An e-commerce entrepreneur who wants to make a “Leap of Faith” in Digital Marketing

Taking a Leap of Faith and enter into something new is not an easy task when you are already running a business that is growing on a steady graph.

I don’t know what we’re doing here — you and me … I don’t know what we are or what we can be, but this doesn’t have to be about that. This can just be about … a chance. Taking a chance.”
Dianna Hardy.

Who am I?

I am Ankit, an e-commerce entrepreneur.

We are currently importing goods from China and selling all through Social media platforms like -Facebook, Whatsapp & Instagram with an average of 80–100 Shipments per day.

Though we are having decent sales numbers, Digital Marketing is something I wanted to learn for a very long time.

The problem is that there is not much knowledge on the Internet and not many people are qualified to teach Digital Marketing. Only a few people have the expertise to teach Digital Marketing.

One such person is Deepak Kanakraju, the founder of

Deepak Kanakraju is a Digital Marketing Consultant from Bangalore. He is also an author of the book Edge of Sanity that has a 4.8 Star rating on Amazon. Plus he is also a Ted Talk Speaker where he mentioned how Blogging changed his life twice.

I have been following Deepak from the days he was working in Razor pay as a Digital Marketing Consultant, and seen him grow today as one of the top Digital Marketing experts in India.

I always wanted to learn Digital Marketing but somewhere deep inside I had a fear of failing as I was not having proper knowledge about it. But things changed when Deepak launched a Paid Internship Program last week where he has promised to provide deep knowledge about Digital Marketing.

Though I am doing good in my business I know that it can reach new heights with the help of Digital Marketing. And I know one thing that “All our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them

Why did I join the Paid Internship Program?

Me and my wife are a firm believer that the Internet is a tool that can help any business grow exponentially. Though I have bought various courses in the past and all of them were recording based courses, but this was something different introduced by Deepak as a paid internship program.

The interns not only have the chance to learn but also get rewarded if they complete the tasks provided in the paid internship program.

I have always wanted to try out blogging but ended up buying only domains and hostings in the past, but I think this is the right time to make use of those resources with the right partner and mentor by my side.

Finding the Gold

Here Deepak means to dig for Gold and find where the best market opportunity is available. He also quoted that “Deciding where to compete is half your success

The best way to do it is to find out an existing market need and create products and services that fit those market needs. Also, create the product and services that fits so well for the customer that the customer would want to reach out to you and buy from you.

The Ever-expanding Market

One of the most important things to remember is that market needs always expand because new solutions to the existing problems give rise to unique needs, and there is an infinite number of niches to serve.

Example -Suppose if we buy a car several more needs are arising out after buying a car. We might want to buy seat covers, upgrade the audio system, buy a car cleaning liquid, car accessories.

What we can do is focus on one of the categories and create a business out of it, like selling the best car audio system in the market with the most advanced options available.

Global Economics

Economics is something we all have studied in the school but the majority of things needed to understand Global Economics are not taught in school.

Here Deepak has focused on some interesting points about the Glocal Economy as to how the economy of a country drives its market situation. Here are some points to focus on -

  • The Economy of a country goes up when the average age of the country goes up, as people spend more.
  • The Economy goes down when the average age of a country goes up above 50, as the household spending goes down.
  • Debt creates money.
  • Deflation in the money supply happens when people start repaying their debts.
  • Even in the recession, people will always pay money for Value.
  • During the recession, the strong companies survive but the significantly smaller and weaker companies fail.

If you want to learn more about Global Economics here is a book recommended by Deepak -Economics 101 by Alfred Mill.

Communication Skills

Communication is one of the most commonly used forms of expressing thoughts and the most important skills to master in any type of relationship. Not only this, but it also helps us to achieve our goals. Therefore, it is important to allow ideas and information to flow clearly and quickly.

My business that I mentioned earlier is focused on customers and I believe that effective communication has helped me in growing my business.

Deepak also in the course highlighted some Skills to master effective communication.

  • Reading for at least 30 minutes a day helps. one can start from a simple book them move to the complex ones.
  • One should listen to a podcast on the subject they are interested in for at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Writing helps a lot, one can develop good writing skills by writing at least 500 words a day.
  • Watching English sitcoms (The Office, silicon valley, Suites, etc.) can help to understand the language if you are a beginner in English.

I would personally suggest if a person focuses on the above points, it can help one improve their communication skills.

Future of Digital Marketing

Having experience in Digital Marketing for over 10 years, Deepak is one of the few right persons who can comment on Digital Marketing.

Deepak also busted the false beliefs of some of the participants when they asked if automation and machine learning will make Digital Marketing and Digital Marketers redundant in a few years.

He also mentioned that human to human communication can not be automated as humans want to talk to other humans, and if we focus our skill on communication and marketing understand what a market wants and needs that is something machine learning can never learn, and that is the job of a marketer.

Here are some important aspects of Digital Marketing that Deepak shared with us in the webinar.

  • Digital Marketing will not die, because marketing will not die.
  • As needs and products keep growing up, we need more ways to market them.
  • The consumer behavior is changing and the world is moving towards digital consumption of data.
  • Marketing + Technology = Digital Marketing.
  • Digital marketing is a better way to do Marketing.

This simply means if you are into marketing then this is the right time to switch to Digital Marketing as the world is changing and consuming more data digitally.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Many of you might have heard this term for the first time (Including Me :P), but Deepak helped in understanding and simplifying the term to us all. Deepak described Integrated Digital Marketing is nothing but the integration of multiple marketing strategies to form an interconnected online approach for your business.

Deepak then mentioned that Integrated Digital Marketing starts with Content Marketing because the content is the foundation of everything we find on the Internet. Content Marketing is the key and we can leverage it to do Email Marketing, Paid Advertising, SEO, Social Media and Selling on the internet.

How to pick a Niche

One of the most important aspects of Digital Marketing is selecting the right Niche, as told by Deepak “The riches are in the Niches

Deepak mentions that “If you are everything to everyone, you will be nothing to no one”, so focus and choose a particular niche that goes right with your interest and your audience.

Below are some points by Deepak on How to pick a Niche

  • Niche = Combination of Talent, Passion & Market opportunity.
  • You should enjoy what you are doing, then only you can get better at it.
  • The market will become bigger and complex over time without exceptions.
  • If you are everything to everyone, you will be nothing to no one, so focus on one Niche.

One should have a goal to be the number one in the Niche they are working as no one remembers who comes second. So choosing the right niche is extremely important and the best way to identify your niche is to scratch your itch.

Market Research

Market Research is yet another important aspect in the field of Digital Marketing. Once we have identified our niche we can go ahead and search the problems arising in that particular niche and try to find out the solution for that niche.

We can find the problems on sites like Google, Quora, Redditt, Facebook, etc to see what problems are the users experiencing and try to come up with a solution for that.

Competitor and Keyword Research

As per me the most important aspect of Digital Marketing is finding the right keywords that can narrow down the competition in the niche. We have to be very sure that if there is even a market for our Niche and are people searching for our keywords.

To find that, Deepak shared a list of paid and free tools that can help us find the right keyword for our Niche

The tools mentioned above can substantially make a huge difference to reach your audience. If your niche has a huge search volume with the low competition then you can turn it into a good profitable niche.

I would say that Deepak has shared a lot of valuable content and will share more in the coming weeks. This conclusion was from an entrepreneur who wants to make a Leap of faith in the Digital Marketing world.

One more thing for my fellow participants, Please Please Please try to work on all the assignments as 99% of the people won’t. But I want us to be the 1% of people in the market who succeed in Digital Marketing.

And if you wish to quit at some point just have a look at the image below :)

Thank you and signing off.

Ankit Ladia.

I am an e-commerce entrepreneur and want to Learn all aspects of Digital Marketing.

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