The Beast “Diabetes” Tightens It’s Grip On — India

We all are aware that India is the second largest populated country in the world, but are we all aware of the coming epidemic, the beast “Diabetes”? we stand 2nd in the world’s most diabetic patients after China.

Today’s Lifestyle Disease: — Diabetes.

Born, raised and aggressively coming from our daily lifestyle, it has turned into a violent pernicious epidemic, figured out when our nation PM Mr. Narendra Damodar Das Modi expressed serious concern over diabetes in his “Mann Ki Baat”.

Why this disease fears most is it gets aggravated by air pollution. Well, WHO has marked red flags on 20 most populated cities across the world and we cover 14 out of it. New Research shows that ultrafine pollutants can easily breach the protective barrier of blood vessels, triggering some serious other diseases (heart and cancer). These ultra-fine pollutants interfere with our body’s ability to process sugar.

Diabetes is also home for the people who come under the hood of obesity. The silent killer becomes aggravated by obesity and we have 20% adult population who are overweight. The Yoga Capital of the world “India” needs to take control and put an end on the epidemic “Death by Sugar”.

Is it the effect of post-liberalization, or easy access to cheap junk’s food?

Earlier portrayed as a rich man’s disease has now overtaken and submerged the social barriers, the rapid urbanization has flooded our sedentary lifestyles with foods laced with sugar. What makes this beast more serious that India tops the chart in population and second in the world to obesity and diabetes. We can still eliminate this beast, we can make “Diabetes Mukt Bharat” through a healthy lifestyle and well-balanced diet on time. That is “goal”.

How can we shorten the distance- From Hospital Bed To Life?

Fight Diabetes through Yoga, under the recent announcement made by our PM “Ayushman Bharat reforms”, there will be a screening for the population as more than 70% population have no clue that they are under the control of the ghost “Diabetes”. I am using “the beast”, “ghost” terms to elaborate this epidemic so that people get cautious and take all the preventive measure for themselves, for their family members.

The Basic Science of our body

We all need sugar to keep our body moving, in a balanced way. Glucose, a simple sugar, and our body’s favorite fuel and considered as the main source of energy. When you eat, glucose enters in to out mainstream blood, resisted by cells. Because our pancreas produces a hormone called insulin which knocks on cell doors to open and let the glucose in. Once inside the cell chamber, the cells do their work of converting glucose into energy.

The problem appears when our blood sugar level gets too high in the body. The reason seems obvious as either cell are not able to do their homework or less release of insulin. Getting the picture?

According to the recent study by the Lancet- the percentage of risk factors both in male and female has increased in the past 25 years. Common factors which welcome this disease into your body are-

1.Alcohol consumption


3.Low Physical Activity

4.High BMI


1. If you are over-weight:- check your sugar level immediately

2.A family history of diabetes

3.Developed diabetes during pregnancy

4.If the above mentioned common factors exist frequently.

What you must follow to avoid diabetes:-

1. Need of hour:- have adequate sleep. Yes, I am talking to those whose think-tank or their lifestyle starts after 11 PM.

2. Avoid weight gain. Keep an eye on your expanding waist-line. Exercise regularly.

3. Try to avoid dinner after 8 PM. Have a meal before it.

Eat Smarter to beat Diabetes

Include Fibre-rich foods in your diet, non-starchy, plant foods to lower down the cholesterol

1. Have 2 (at least) fruits in a day.

2.Fresh Green Home-made Salads in a day

3.Sprouted Pulses, lentils (esp moong), whole pulses.

4.Whole Nuts,( better you take almonds and walnuts)

5. Whenever you feel extreme hunger attack — have a buttermilk (without sugar)

6.Soups (without those bread-sticks)

7. Plain Lemon-juice always comes to rescue our body.

8. Millets (Bajra must) include in your diet. Brown Rice, Oats, Tomato, Guava, Spinach and Chicken (boiled)

Have To Avoid

1.Egg Yolk:- Choose White Egg portion only.

2. Strictly No to Poori, samosa, pakora, and chips- I know most of the people starts their day from deep-fried foods.

3.Fatty Foods such as your favorite cheese pizzas, mayonnaise, sandwiches, burgers.

4.Obvious No to Puddings, ice-creams, desserts. You will be a warrior if you can beat these extra loaded sugary items.

5. Avoid- Alcohol, tobacco, bread, candies, red meat.

6. If you are like can’t think of your life without alcohol then:- avoid rum, include a better option and limit it to 80ml/week.

Yes, you can control and defeat diabetes. You too can live a normal life with courage, hope, and discipline.