Solo Travel: How I stayed for Two Months for less than 5K?

Hello! My name is Ankit Mishra. I work as a UX/UI Designer at Achieveee Design & Development studio based in Mumbai, apart from that I like to take solo trips & explore places.

This is where I share my travel experiences & stories.

My previous blog post that I’ve share my personal experiences as a solo traveller ‘Solo Travel Makes You a Better Person’ hope you like it.

Let me tell you honestly that I was very unsure about my stay. I didn’t have any slightest clue about this! My whole trip was unplanned and uncertainty excites me more, that’s the only thing drives me through out the journey.

Spent: 7 days = Free

First, I would like to thank my friend who had given me a chance to go with 40 amazing people for 7 day trip to Road to Himayala. So, the first week I wasn’t so tense about my stay. I know HappyJourney will take care of everything.

Spent: 5 days = Free

I was lucky, Immediately got an opportunity to stay with local people of ghumarwin village people. One family offered me stay at their place for free for almost 5 days. It was one of the great memories of all time!

Youth Hostel Association of india - Dharamshala
Cost for a day =Rs. 300/-
Stay: 2 days = 600/-

Hotel Country Lodge Provides Dormitory at very cheap cost, especially for those who travel frequently and wants to stay for a couple of days in that city.

Cost for a day Rs. 300/-
Stay: 3 days = Rs. 900/-

Youth hostel association of India — Delhi provides very cheap stay with complimentary breakfast, but if you wake up before 09:30 AM. Also, provides High-speed Internet Wifi.

Cost for a day =Rs. 200/-
Stay: 2 days = 400/-

Youth hostel association of India- Rishikesh has more cheap stay because of cheap rooms provided by nearby ashrams. Sometimes to find cheap stay is not that easy, but you have to find one.

Spent: 4 days = Free

YWCA International Hostel -Delhi 
Here luckly event happened during my way to Delhi. I did Photography for them for 2 days.

Spent: 1 night = Free

Old Delhi- Ticket Counter. Nothing want to add on this!

Cost for a day =Rs. 100/-
Stay: 3 days = 300/-

Shree Agarwal Bhavan Ashram — Mathura.
Its 15–20 mins away from Mathura station.

Spent: 4 days = Free

Lucknow — My native Place. 
After spending so much time alone!

Cost for a day =Rs. 150/-
Stay: 3 days = 450/-

Shree Krishna Dharamshala — Varanasi.
It’s 2 min walk from Varanasi, very Good & hygiene Dharamshala.

Cost for a day =Rs. 250/-
Stay: 7 days = 1750/-

The Howrah Hotel.
It is 5 min from Howrah bridge.

Spent: 6 days = Free

Big thanks to my Friend, Luckily got to stay at his place!


This is how I’ve to manage to stay at such places. Thanks to all those who gave me a chance to stay & for a wonderful experience.

“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” — Lao Tzu

Hope you like it.
Thanks for reading! :)